Decorative Painting - Black-eyed Susan Vine (Primary Colors) - © Marcia Brown

Decorative Painting

Decorative Painting - Primrose (Primary Flowers) - © Marcia Brown
Artist Marcia Brown's Art Studio

Artist Marcia BrownMorningGloryArt Decorative Painting  is an art studio located in beautiful Western Pennsylvania specializing in teaching decorative painting, with an emphasis on acrylic and oil painted arts and crafts, and hand-painted art by commission. Directions and maps to the art studio in Butler PA (north of Pittsburgh) and contact information are on the Artist, Art & Studio page. Acrylic and oil painting class registration and schedule information are on the Decorative Painting Classes page.

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Marcia's GuestBook

Marcia's GuestBook
Spring Azure Butterfly and Cosmos - © Marcia Brown
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MorningGloryArt Decorative Painting - Marcia's Art Studio - Butler PA
(Western PA / Pennsylvania area - Butler County - near Pittsburgh PA)

Artist - Instructor - Teacher:    Marcia Brown


~ Decorative, Faux, and Tole Painting ~

The Society of Decorative Painters, formerly known as the National Society of Tole and Decorative Painters, poses and answers this question: 'What is Decorative Painting?'

Decorative painting is a diverse art form utilizing a variety of techniques and media to decorate functional and non-functional surfaces. Because of the systematic methods employed, contemporary decorative painting is a highly teachable art form. The patterns or freehand designs allow a high degree of success without academic training or inherent drawing ability. Approached with creativity, discipline and craftsmanship, contemporary decorative painting offers opportunities for artistic self-expression and creative satisfaction. ... Tole painting is the general term historically used to describe decorative painting on tin surfaces, especially in New England and by the Pennsylvania Germans. Contemporary decorative painting encompasses not only the folk art styles of Sweden, Norway, Germany, Russia, England and Mexico, but many facets of Early American decorative painting such as stenciling, faux finishing, bronzing, gold leafing, country painting ... and graining.

Ricky Raccoon - © Marcia BrownDecorative artists are not restricted to the 2 dimensional flat surface of the traditional painter's canvas, but typically paint on 3 dimensional objects. These objects may be made of wood, masonite, glass, plastic, metal, slate, cardboard, mache, ceramics, and other materials. Objects painted upon include furniture, boxes of all sizes and shapes, flower pots, clay pots, candlesticks, trays, and many other common household items. It is often said: "If it doesn't move, you can probably paint it!" Subjects painted include birds, rabbits, teddy bears, flowers, butterflies, insects, fruit, vegetables, people, Santa Claus, and much more. Since patterns of the subjects are typically traced onto the objects to be decorated, advanced freehand drawing skills are usually not required. - 'The Definitive Guide to Decorative Painting, Folk Art and Tole Painting' - poses and answers this question: 'Is Decorative Painting Art or Craft?'

Decorative painting starts out as a craft simply because of the way in which it is taught - systematically, skill building and technique-oriented. Decorative painting students paint projects that the teacher has created. Different projects are created for different skill levels. In class, students are coached step-by-step as they learn the different skills associated with that project. As skills are learnt and techniques are mastered, new decorative painters become more and more confident. Some may begin experimenting with colors, modifying designs provided, attempting freehand drawing and even designing a simple project on their own. As they progress, many learn color theory, perspective, as well as more sophisticated drawing and painting techniques.
Then, its more than a craft, its art.

Perry Penguin - © Marcia BrownBy viewing the many hand painted projects on this website, including the Art Archives albums (Acrylic Painting Art Classes sampler and Christmas Gifts / Holiday Crafts Projects sampler), the Art Project Archive pages, and the current year Painting Projects pages, you will gain an appreciation for the Art of Decorative Painting as practiced and taught by Marcia Brown. Various drawing, sketching, and coloring techniques; patterns, mediums, and crafts ideas are utilized when students learn how to paint. Most painting classes are acrylics interspersed with occasional oils; media such as watercolor or gouache are generally not used. Instructions and lessons at all levels are provided, from beginner 'one stroke' to advanced, with class sizes ranging from a few individuals to large groups. Students are encouraged to suggest projects that interest them. Please note that MorningGloryArt does not sell art prints, posters, patterns, or giclees - although you may be able to buy brushes and paints at the studio.

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Marcia Brown's Art Studio - Art instruction, lessons, and classes in Decorative Painting, Arts and Crafts, and Art by Commission.

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