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Decorative Painting Classes - Art Classes Photos: 2006 - 2007

MorningGloryArt Decorative Painting - Marcia's Art Studio - Butler PA
(Western PA / Pennsylvania area - near Pittsburgh PA)

Art Class Photo - Snowman on Slate and Lovely Queen Anne Lace (Fall Beginner Class) Art Class Photo - Sugar Maple Crock Art Class Photo - Witch Brew

~ Fall Beginner Class ~
Snowman on a Slate and Lovely Queen Anne Lace on a photo frame... So sorry for the two gals that could not be in the class photo.

~ Sugar Maple Crock ~
Beautiful metallic foliage on lid for crock and on a candy dish.

~ Witch Brew ~
Fun painting just in time for the holiday!!!

Art Class Photo - Morning Glory Art Box Art Class Photo - Santa Ornaments Art Class Photo - Doves in Love

Morning Glory Art Box
Beautiful Scarlet OHara Morning Glories along with an English butterfly, cardninal feather and brushes complete this lovely mini still-life.

Santa Ornaments
One of two Santa Ornaments classes. Country Santa; Traditional Santa; Victorian Santa and a Santa Bear on porcelain.

Doves in Love
Beginner Oil class was a great success for the two brand new gals. The Mourning Doves were outstanding!

Art Class Photo - Up the Chimney He Rose Art Class Photo - Jacobean Fantasy Art Class Photo - Winter Moon over McConnells Mill

Up the Chimney He Rose !!
Straight from Clement Moore's popular poem! I was quite proud of how wonderful every painting was - So sorry to the gal who couldn't be in the photo!!

Jacobean Fantasy
Thank you to everyone for painting my Jacobean Fantasy with me. This type of painting is not difficult as it is quite repetitive in nature.

Winter Moon over McConnells Mill
Part of this painting was a very loose style and we learned a lot about the movement of the paint. I believe everyone should be very happy with their painting of this lovely area in Butler County. Again, sorry to the gals that were not able to make the second class.

Art Class Photo - O Holy Night Nativity Art Class Photo - Primrose Art Class Photo - Goldfinch on PussyWillows

"O Holy Night Nativity"
The trifold painting took us several classes to complete, but was worth the wait. I was so very proud of the painterly work that everyone accomplished. In addition to painting the inside manger scene, we also painted the titled front cover with washes of gold and added the 3 Wise Men. Finally we used leather ties to secure the folded trifold. Once again, I feel badly that the other gals could not be in the photo.

Our first beginner class for 2007 turned out well with 3 new artists joining the studio. A special welcome to our friend, Stevo, a wonderful artist who has painted in oils for a very long time. And yes, we had one shy artist who chose not to be in the photo.

"Goldfinch on PussyWillows"
Our second acrylic beginner class was of an American Goldfinch at the PussyWillows just as in my garden. Welcome to another new artist! ALL the paintings were very well done. Sorry to the gal who could not be in the photo.

Art Class Photo - Irresistible Irises Art Class Photo - FLEURS Art Class Photo - Quilt Welcome Slate

"Irresistible Irises"
Gorgeous Blue and Yellow Irises were painted by everyone. Now, we cannot wait for them to bloom in the garden!

Our french metal garden sign will brighten all our homes and gardens. As everyone saw, it is quite easy to alter the sign to paint any words or name you may want on a project piece.

"Quilt Welcome Slate"
What fun it was creating this painting of two cute kitties on slate. It took us a while to paint the quilt, but it was well worth the effort. Sorry to the three gals who could not be in the photo.

Art Class Photo - Sky Creations Art Class Photo - Bunny Box Art Class Photo - Apple Blossom & Hummingbird

"Sky Creations"
We used a very loose and imaginative style of painting to create a vibrant sky and a wonderful cloudy sky.

"Bunny Box"
We all loved painting our lovely bunny boxes!!

"Apple Blossom & Hummingbird"
We washed some lovely apple blossoms and a Ruby-Throated Hummingbird on the project pieces: a candlestick and mini storage box for tealights.

Art Class Photo - Apple Blossom Class continued Art Class Photo - Ruby-Throat and Trumpets Art Class Photo - Lovely as a Rose

"Apple Blossom Class continued"
Click the class photo to see the two other gals who "ALMOST" got away with not having their class photo taken!

"Ruby-Throat and Trumpets"
OIL painting of Ruby-Throated Hummingbird and Trumpet Vine flowers were studies in the variations of the color red. Beautiful paintings by everyone!!

"Lovely as a Rose"
Our yellow rose with dark peach highlights was striking against the black background - what is not seen is the lovely lace on the top of the box.

Art Class Photo - Poppies Galore Art Class Photo - Ole Blue Eyes Art Class Photo - Country Stave

"Poppies Galore"
Poppies of three colors were painted around a bowl using a new technique of mine. Acrylic paints were used in a wet on wet technique that everyone was able to grasp. We'll be doing more paintings with this technique - GREAT JOB, LADIES !!

"Ole Blue Eyes"
Our beginner class was aptly named for this droll turkey's beautiful blue eyes. Many skills were learned during this session - Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!!(Sorry to the gal who couldn't be in the photo)

"Country Stave"
Our painting was a country scene on a barrel stave. The staves were all antiqued when we finished and a leather tie was added.

Art Class Photo - Zesty Zinnias Art Class Photo - Zesty Zinnias (2nd Class) Art Class Photo - Wintry Clay Pots

"Zesty Zinnias"
Using a new technique, the Vibrant Zinnias in this painting came to life. What great satisfaction it was to see this study of Zinnas develop - just beautiful! (sorry to the gal who couldn't be in the photo)

"Zesty Zinnias" (2nd Class)
This class was quite popular! Our second Zinnia class also did a wonderful job of painting these vibrant flowers.

"Wintry Clay Pots"
Practice makes perfect when it comes to painting strokework flowers like the poinsetta that was painted on one pot. The other clay pot had a handsome snowman. These fast paintings are an easy way to make quick holiday gifts.

Art Class Photo - Canning Flowers Art Class Photo - Snowmen Trio Wreath Art Class Photo - Bronze Jingle Bells Lamp

"Canning Flowers"
The Atlas jar that belonged to my mom-in-law and Echinacea and Brown-Eyed Susans from my garden were the inspiration for this painting. The entire class had fabulous paintings when we were finished - Kudos to all of you!

"Snowmen Trio Wreath"
What great fun this class was! Our singing and whistling Snowmen were christened with the following names in honor of special people: Gene, Louis and Bing. In addition to painting, the wreaths were given a good coating of sparkly snow.

"Bronze Jingle Bells Lamp"
These beautiful paintings were on frosted glass lamp shades. The Jingle Bells with Ribbon and Pine were painted just in time for the holidays!

Art Class Photo - Bronze Jingles Plate Art Class Photo - Santa's Peace on Earth

"Bronze Jingles Plate"
A great serving plate for candy or cookies was painted to match the Jingles Lamp. What a fun time in this class !!

"Santa's Peace on Earth"
Santa never looked so good - Ten Times Good!! Lots of work, but the end result was obviously worth it. I was very pleased with how well all Santas were painted.
!! Good Painting Job Ladies !!

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MorningGloryArt Decorative Painting Art Classes Photos 2006-2007 - Marcia's Art Studio - Butler PA
(Western Pennsylvania area - near Pittsburgh PA)