Decorative Painting - Sweet Liberty - © Marcia Brown, Teddy Bears Pattern © Cheryl Bradshaw MorningGloryArt Decorative Painting - Bluebird in Oil on Slate - © Marcia Brown, Pattern © Sherry Nelson

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MorningGloryArt  is located 5 miles north of Butler PA in beautiful Western Pennsylvania, approximately 45 miles north of Pittsburgh PA. Maps and directions are provided below along with general information on MorningGloryArt art studio activities. Acrylic and oil painting class information with fee and registration information for decorative art classes is on the Decorative Painting Classes page.

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Marcia & MorningGloryArt Studio

A variety of artistic activities are conducted by Artist / Instructor / Teacher Marcia Brown at MorningGloryArt Studio and other locations. Students, customers, and clients are located throughout the Western PA - Pittsburgh PA - Butler County region, including Butler PA and Cranberry Township (north of Pittsburgh and near Butler).

Experienced in multiple media, Marcia has attended seminars, workshops, and classes with many professional artists including Sherry Nelson, Robert Warren, Dorothy Dent, Karen Hubbard, Sharon Hamilton, Elizabeth Hayes, Jill MacFarland, Vi Thurmond, Karen Brockman, Ann Kingslan, Prudy Vannier, and Donna Dewberry.

Always feel welcome to contact Marcia with any questions  E-Mail:

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Acrylic Classes
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Oil Classes
Acrylic Classes
Commissioned Artwork
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Commissioned Artwork
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Acrylic Classes
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Maps & Directions to MorningGloryArt Studio

MorningGloryArt Studio

Marcia's Planet

The MapQuest and Yahoo! maps linked below will show you the general location of MorningGloryArt Studio in the Western Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh PA area and a more specific location 5 miles north of Butler PA. Two types of maps are provided:Artist Marcia Brown

Western PA / Pittsburgh &
MGA Studio / Butler PA area
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MorningGloryArt Decorative Painting - Marcia's Art Studio - Butler PA
(Western PA / Pennsylvania area - Butler County - near Pittsburgh PA)

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Marcia's Aquarium

   Applet  Art   

A collection of Java Applets known as the "Lake Effect".

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MorningGloryArt Decorative Painting - Artist for Hire - Marcia's Art Studio - Butler PA
(Western Pennsylvania area - near Pittsburgh PA)

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