Cuddle Bunny
Pattern © Dorothy Whisenhunt, Custom Rendition by Marcia Brown
Hello!! My name is Cuddle Bunny and I am pleased to meet you! I am a typical MorningGloryArt Studio Acrylic Class project except, of course, that I am the Most Popular project - probably because I am so darn cute and cuddly!! But I am more than just cute and cuddly - I have a brain!! You see, I am the Cuddle Bunny WebMaster - the real brains behind this operation!! For example, I created this Acrylic Classes Sampler frameset album to show you some typical decorative painting projects that Marcia teaches. I hope you enjoy my latest creations - not just the frameset albums, but the entire website. And you absolutely must see my WebSite Map -- use it and it may become your best friend at this website. Thank you - and I hope to see you again at the Studio!!

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