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MorningGloryArt Decorative Painting - Marcia's Art Studio - Butler PA
(Western Pennsylvania area - near Pittsburgh PA)

-- Past - Present - Future --

Welcome to the  MorningGloryArt  website. This website rests solidly upon this basic design philosophy: Ease of Navigation + Meaningful Content + Pleasing to the Eye. The MorningGloryArt website has been totally rebuilt, but adheres to the same design philosophy of its predecessor - and the URL is now It is anticipated that changes in the future will be more evolutionary in nature, and will not require the rapid expansion in size and content as has been the modus operandi of the website to date.

-- WebSite Organization --

The  MorningGloryArt  website has a total of over 100 HTML files, all 100% hand-coded. (There are also .js, .css, .php, .txt files, a GuestBook, and a WordPress blog - these are not discussed here.) Of the 100+ HTML files, the core group consists of three "main pages":

A second group of files consists of five yearly Art Project archive pages for 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007; three Art Class Photos pages for the years 2003-2007 inclusive; and additional pages for Commissioned Artwork and Art Potpourri for the same time frame. There is also a Hand-Painted Art For Sale page, an information page for Artists Paints & Brushes, a Copyright Info page, this WebSite Info page, and a WebSite Map.

A third group of files are those comprising the six frameset Albums. These albums provide an archived overview of MorningGloryArt Studio and include an Acrylic Classes sampler, Holiday / Christmas Projects sampler, Commissioned Artwork (2), Art Class Photos, and Art Studio Photos. All six frameset Albums are linked to the ~ Art Archives ~ page. Most of the photos and artwork are pre-2003.

Another group of files is a miscellaneous collection consisting of (a) Nine pages with large Java applets linked to a 10th page with a collection of small Java 'Lake Effect' applets - this 10th page is linked near the bottom of the  Artist, Art & Studio  page; (b) Two Slide Shows implemented as framesets with a heavy dose of Javascript, (c) Class Registration Form implemented as an inline frame on the  Decorative Painting Classe page; and (d) What's New page implemented as a scrolling inline frame on the  MorningGloryArt  HomePage.

-- WebSite Map & Navigation --

Extensive arrays of navigation links and navigation menus have been provided throughout the website. A WebSite Map is available by clicking on the links provided on many of the web pages. These links to the Website Map are located near the bottom of the left-side Navigation Menu. Most pages in this web site are accessible from the WebSite Map (and vice-versa) except the interior pages of the Frameset Albums and Slide Shows, the Java applet pages, the Class Registration Form, and the scrolling What's New page.

-- Best Viewing --

Frames: This WebSite uses Frames for the six Frameset Albums and two Slide Shows. Frames (and Inline Frames) should be enabled.
JavaScript: This WebSite uses Javascript to perform many very useful functions: Javascript should be enabled for best viewing, although effort was expended to ensure the website is reasonably functional even if JavaScript is disabled.
Java: Java (or the 'equivalent' Microsoft VM in IE 6.0) needs to be installed and enabled to view the "Lake Effect" and other Java applets. [Please Note: The rendering of these applets with Internet Explorer 6.0 using the Microsoft VM with JIT compiler instead of Sun Java is generally superior, especially with the large "Pool Effect" applet.]

-- Testing & Validation --

Much effort has been expended to ensure that this website is rendered in an acceptable fashion in a wide variety of browsers. All HTML pages on this website were created on a Windows platform and tested using various web browsers including: Internet Explorer 6.0 ; Internet Explorer 7 ; Internet Explorer 8 ; Firefox 1.5 ; Firefox 2.0 ; and Firefox 3.x . Additionally, all pages have passed multiple HTML code validation tests and a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) validation test by the World Wide Web Consortium on-line validators as evidenced, for example, by the W3C HTML 4.01 Icon and the W3C CSS Icon at the bottom of this page. Although every file was validated, for practical and esthetic reasons, the W3C HTML 4.01 and W3C CSS Icons have only been placed on 7 pages. Despite the effort expended, and the W3C validation of the website pages, all browsers have their rendering quirks and bugs and limitations - errors of omission and co-mission - and this is particularly evident with older browsers.

-- Addendum --

A Holiday Calendar page was added to the website in late 2006, and this Holidays section was later expanded to 17 pages.
A WordPress blog (Art & Decorative Painting) was added to the web site in early 2008. All new content - painting projects and schedules, art class photos, hand-painted art for sale, and everything else - is now posted on this blog.

-- Original: November 2002 --         -- Last Revision: March 2010 --

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